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905-Silve Grade Flame Retardant Fabric (Double color)

High heat resistance and flame retardancy, the flame retardant does not affect the industrial wash performance. It is applicable to the field of firefighting operations and electricians. According to customer requirements, but also and wicking, anti-oil, water and other anti-MFP finishing, protective performance and improve comfort.

Recommended suitable neutral detergent hand wash, avoid prolonged soaking, drying machine is not recommended prohibiting dry cleaning, bleaching.

Based:  100%Cotton        Reflectivity: 400cd/ (lx.m2)

Certified: EN20471 Class Ⅱ standard  , ANSI/ISEA 107 -2015 ,NFPA2112 , Oeko Tex 100

Wash ability: 50 cycle at 60℃(ISO6330) , Dry clean with 10 cycles (ISO3175)

Application: ideal for  high visibility requirement safety protection products on fire protection , electronic ,Oil and colliery system.